The Voice Top 5 Semi-Final Season 5

Oh Helloooo there! I remember writing the last post on The Voice Week 1 with the Blind Auditions not so long ago but here we are narrowing down to only 5 contestants! And since i’m Canadian, i’m watching it and sending positive waves from far away because I can’t vote :(

But if you’re living in the US, you have still one hour left to vote (December 10th, 11AM). GO VOTE NOW!!! 

What was nice this year is that they got a new thing called #VoiceSave consisting of calling everyone on the twitterverse to save someone from elimination 5 minutes before the show stopped. BUT this time, sh*t is serious and we can’t save no one tonight :( SO VOTE VOTE VOTE!

I just can’t believe that Adam Levine still have 3 contestants in his team and no more on Cee Lo‘s :( But I have to say that wow! Everyone is really blowing me away!

And down here, if you missed it… or you just want to watch it again, you can see all the great performances from yesterday night!

Tell us who will you give your vote to? And who do you think will win???

thevoice-top5-01Tessanne Chin singing Bridge Over Troubled Water



thevoice-top5-02Cole Vosbury singing Shameless



thevoice-top5-03Jacquie Lee singing Angel



thevoice-top5-04Will Champlain singing Carry On



thevoice-top5-05James Wolpert singing With or Without You



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