Week 4 Blind Auditions – April 15-16, 2013

We presents you the mentors :


Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum (Team Adam)


Joel Madden from Good Charlotte (Team Shakira)


Sheryl Crow (Team Blake)


Pharrell Williams (Team Usher)

First battle, wow! What an epic battle seriously!! I wanted nobody to go home!
Adam chose Amber to be the winner of the first Battle. Nooo Sashaaa :(

OMG YES someone wants to steal Sasha!!thevoice_w4-06

And it was Shakira πŸ˜€ yay!thevoice_w4-14thevoice_w4-07

Now that battle was kinda bit boring… Garrett won. Wanted J’Sun to won though lol :(thevoice_w4-08

Holly won.thevoice_w4-09

This one was so cute together! Taylor looked like Uma Thurman in Batman haha. Usher crowned Jess as a winner. But Taylor get stoled by Blake! YES!thevoice_w4-10

The Swon Brothers won this battle! First duo to go that far yay!!thevoice_w4-11

Another SUPER epic battle!! Woah!! I LOOOOVEEE Judith <3 And she won duh! :)thevoice_w4-12


But SURPRISE!!! Shakira stole Karina! Latina powaaahhthevoice_w4-14

Warren won this battle.thevoice_w4-15

I really don’t like those two lol I love the way Usher talked to them. Like he wasn’t really amused XD They weren’t good … But Josiah won this one.thevoice_w4-16

Third fav battle for me! God they are so cute <3 I love them both, but Danielle won this one!thevoice_w4-17

WE GOT A STEAL!thevoice_w4-21

And Caroline AINT GO NOWHERE! ‘Cause Adam stole her. YAYY! Team Adam is really something this year! I think he could win, really!thevoice_w4-20

Two another fast forward battles :

Grace won! (Team Blake)thevoice_w4-18

The winner for this battle is Audrey! (Team Usher)thevoice_w4-19

Here’s where the teams stand now, before week 5 battles :thevoice_w4-22 thevoice_w4-23 thevoice_w4-24 thevoice_w4-25

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