The Walking Dead casts Eugene, Abraham and Rosita

After the epic mid-season finale of The Walking Dead Season 4 “Too Far Gone”, we were left with a “what will happened?” mood!

For you guys that read the comics, you have a little idea of what will happen next, but for the other ones that didn’t, I won’t put spoilers on this article, promise. :)

So what’s coming in the second half of this season. First thing I discover is that we will probably meet Eugene, Abraham and Rosita. OMG YES! I LOVEEEE ABRAHAM <3 As much as I love Tyrese on the comic book. We don’t know yet if the show will follow the comic books but we know that those three bring to a new level the story, contreversy and friendship. I would say that it is something that you have to keep an eye on!

Here’s the cast for the 3 new characters that we will meet on the show:

Eugene (Josh McDermitt)


Eugene will have to be watched closely. He claims to be a government scientist who knows how the outbreak started. Of course this seems like crucial information because the person who knows how it started could also help end it, right? We don’t spoil it too much so unless you’ve read the comics, you’ll have to wait to see how Eugene’s story unfolds. [Source]

Rosita (Christian Serratos)


Rosita has been traveling with Eugene since Houston as they try and make it to Washington, D.C. In the comics, her character had a hard time adjusting to life following the zombie outbreak and would often use her physical appearance and do sexual favors for protection. She also starts a relationship with Abraham but it’s not clear of this will be her storyline in the TV series. [Source]

Abraham (Michael Cudlitz)


Like the other two he will also meet up with Rick and his group in the second half when the season returns in February. Abraham is a hot headed character and in the comics who doesn’t get along with the group, especially Rick. He and Rick eventually develop a mutual understanding of each other. [Source]

So what do you think? Exciting huh!! Tell us what is your expectations for the second half of the season in the comments below! We want to read you :)

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