Welcome to the tombs – March 31st, 2013

Here are my reactions, impressions and highlights of the episode. It contains SPOILERS!

Before the finale start, we were informed by the AMC Walking Dead on facebook that there are going to be 27 people dead in this episode. My predictions was at least Hershel, Beth, Carol, the girl with Tyrese, Milton, Martinez, some of the Governor party, and The Governor. I read the comics closely, and my expectations was high because of that. I though it will be the epic finale that we had on the comic at the end of the prison “era”.

Let’s see what really happened…

A psychopath.twd_s03e16-02_governorface

Clearly insane and creepy…twd_s03e16-03_governormilton

Awwww Milton! We all knew that something like this will happen to him :( I didn’t know that it will happened so fast in the episode though. 1 down, 26 more to go!twd_s03e16-04_milton twd_s03e16-05_gov-milton

I’m really surprised that Andrea didn’t get tortured… and, in addition to that, Milton got to take all the instruments of torture away… Will the Governor really use it on someone? Or reserve it to someone else in the next season?twd_s03e16-06_andreatrap

“You belong here, you’re one of us” – Rick
Love that scene <3

“Thank you” – The Governor to Tyrese. Does he really mean it? Pfff f.u. gov.twd_s03e16-08_governor

This scene made me laugh.. really lol… but it doesn’t make sense. Like you never know if Milton was really dead or he’s alive and struggle to breathe. He always have something to say, always when we thought he turned… And then, there’s Andrea that take her time to take the tool on the floor. She takes long breaks, and pause to see if Milton really died. Don’t you see that time’s ticking? And he’s going to turn in a minute? Yeah… Take your time girl.twd_s03e16-09_milton

This guy doesn’t have to die yet. What a cold heart, Carl! He was ready to surrender!twd_s03e16-10_jody twd_s03e16-11_carl

Finally something i was waiting for, that came from the comic. People of Woodbury turning against the Governor. Telling him that it was insane and it was a slaughter!twd_s03e16-12_army

But i didn’t expect that twist AT ALL! The Governor killing all his army. Something really wrong happened in the head of the Governor at this time. There goes the 27~ people announced in the beginning.twd_s03e16-13_allen

And, after that, you see Martinez and his friends being all like “WTF”, what happened? They didn’t know what to think, what to say and what to do. They only have the choice to follow the Governor or they going to die like everybody else. This moment was really awkward. The ride will be long and quiet. Thinking of it, even I don’t know what to do in that situation when you clearly know that the Governor can shot you down right there.twd_s03e16-14_martinez

This position was ideal. I don’t know why he didn’t shoot though. It doesn’t feel right, mainly because he killed everyone else beside her.twd_s03e16-21_girl

Work the foot girl!twd_s03e16-15_feet

This scene was wow! I would slap Carl right there. He was really a bitch to Rick. Carl acting like he knows everything and all the pressure that his dad got. NOT! Calm down, be a badass, not a bitch.twd_s03e16-16_carl-rick

Beth is doing something finally! Killing her first walker i think haha!twd_s03e16-17_beth

The end was kinda smooth and “relax”. I can’t believe that they killed Andrea that early in the serie! She is one of the main character in the comic. Now that they decided to do that, i really don’t know what to expect for The Walking Dead futur. Will they really follow the plot and the characters that Robert Kirkman created? I don’t know anymore…twd_s03e16-18_andrea

This moment was sad :(twd_s03e16-19_gang

Was it a good idea to bring all the people from Woodbury to the prison? Was there an attack just a few minutes ago over there? Didn’t the army of the Governor destroy a part of the front of the prison? Why didn’t they stay at Woodbury, where everything is more confortable and safe? Personnally, i don’t think it was a good idea. Where does AMC will bring us at season 4?twd_s03e16-20_woodbury

Overall i was disappointed by the finale. I made a lot of scenarios in my head but never like what i’ve just watched. I made high expectations because i read the comics. I thought i knew what was coming, and i knew that they won’t follow step by step the story too. But that bad? I think everybody had high expectations too.

The first half of the season 3 was epic. The last one, was slow and deceiving. Doesn’t happen much. And the finale for me was the worse. There’s nothing to expect from season 4. No hype. No expectation. 27 people died. But nothing spectacular. Except Andrea.

What did you guys think?

What are your expectations for this finale?

What are your expectations for the next season?

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