The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1

30 days without an accident – October 13th, 2013

*spoiler alert*

Like the title says, it’s been a month or so since the last season finale and without any incident. If you remember well, at the end of season 3’s last episode they welcomed a lot of people in their “home” (prison). It sad to say, but as I told my friends, all those people are collateral damages. If the Governor isn’t dead yet, there will be carnage!

Speaking of the Governor, I’m a bit worried about this turn of situation. As a TWD comic book lover, I was waiting for some strong and big turn of event. When Andrea died, it didn’t surprise me much. I didn’t like her character on TV. But it will change a lot of thing in the future though, since she was suppose to be Rick’s lover farther in the storyline. I just wish to see more of the crazier and psychopath-er Governor. Can’t wait to see what the writers will do with him.

At the beginning of this episode, we can see Rick more sane and gardening. Why isn’t he on zombie duty? Isn’t he suppose to be a leader? I find it a bit weird to see him softy like that.


Glad to see Daryl back <3 ! He had a scene at the beginning of this episode with Carol. Are these guys dating? It’s a bit confusing lol…


So much happened in a month! Already some unexpected lover! Tyrese and some random girl and Beth with some random guy. At least, Beth got a bit more attention now, I found her useless last season, that’s why.

twd-s04e01_04 twd-s04e01_05

Yeah Michonne! One of my favourites! If I understood well, she went to chase after the Governor right? And she didn’t find anywhere? And she went alone on this mission o.O?? I think though, that the show didn’t exploit her at her full potential. Can’t wait to see more bad-ass time with her :)


OMG this creepy woman! For a moment, I though she was part of the cannibal group (ref. to the comic book). Because when you first see her, she was kneeling on the deer and she didn’t even ate Rick’s sandwich! But naaah, she was just a simple woman that want to live by her dead husband side :/…


Ouuuhh kids to keep Carl company :) The girl got some attitude though lol. They won’t survive long… But they can still be badasses though. We’ll see what will happen to them :O


Zombies are incredible in this episode. They are so gore! Mainly the guy hanging by its internal organs on the rooftop XD

twd-s04e01_09 twd-s04e01_10

When the creepy woman decided to kill herself, Rick got to say what was his 3 questions. This moment was a bit heartbreaking though :( She wasn’t that creepy, and he could’ve save her :/

“How many walkers have you killed?”
“How many people have you killed?”


Damn, Carol, what are you doing! Do you think it’s the right way to teach kids how to handle a knife that early? It can be useful and teach them to not be afraid though… but still…


Ugh… the pig… I was certain that it was kind of infected. It didn’t seems well for sure.. And I think they ate some of that no? Hmmm…


In the adventure to store, something tragic happened. Beth’s boyfriend got caught in a group of zombies and died :( But how she was handling the news it was a bit weird. There was almost no emotion. I guess that in that situation, when you see a lot of people dying, you just don’t care anymore… How sad is it :(

And just before that accident, it was 30 days accident-free…

twd-s04e01_16 twd-s04e01_17

Please keep me away from this picture roooo!! He looks right in my soul… I hate this pic lol But what a good ending! It was one of the boys in the kids’ crew that, I think, got sick and died. And why? Hmmm… Because of the dead pig he ate maybe? This is going to screw up bad in the prison. Can’t wait to see what will happen and how they will handle that situation!


So what did you think about this premiere? Better than the season 3 finale huh 😛 ?

If you read the comics, what is your vision of where do you think they will go with this story in this season?

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