Top 10 Morphing Sequences

Hello there fellow A readers! So if you’re a Power Ranger fan like I am, than you should know by now that the original Green Ranger Jason David Frank has a Facebook and Instagram account that he updates almost every day. For a while now, David has teased us with some behind the scene pictures of him in his Green Ranger suit, filming the Power Ranger 20th anniversary episode!

So far we’ve only gotten small glimpse of him on set.

Here’s one with his wife Tammy and daughter Jenna.

As you can see not only will the original Green Ranger be back, but previous Rangers from previous season will also be there.

So far they’ve got :

Jason Faunt (Red Time force ranger)

Danny Slavin (Red Galaxy ranger)

Melody Perkins (Pink Galaxy Ranger II)

Reggie Rolle (Green Galaxy Ranger)

Selwyn Ward (Red Turbo Ranger II)

Sean Cw Johnson (Red Lightspeed Ranger)

Hector David Jr (Green samurai Ranger)

Brittany Pirtle (Yellow Samurai Ranger)

So while waiting for the episode to air, let’s look back at the previous morphing sequences. Now personally I haven’t watched all the season so my list will be simply based off how cool they’re transformation looks. Here’s my top 10 morphing sequences.

Warning: Major cheesecake factory coming up.











There you go guys, I couldn’t help but giggle a few times. It’s just so darn cheesy at times. Anyways, please as always leave a comment down below and also don’t forget to like our pages on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Till next time guys, this is Jessica signing off!

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