Top 10 Romantic Movies

For Valentine’s day, we always love to watch with our boyfriend/girlfriend Romantic Movies! Here some of my favorite! Enjoy :)

(Random order!)

1 – Pride and Prejudice (2005) – The old kind of love


When Elizabeth meets the cold Mister Darcy at a bal, she just has one tought: ‘’Ugh, what’s the problem with this man? He don’t want to dance, he didn’t speak the entire night and he looked at us like we were some discusting creatures.’’ They both have their pride and their prejudice. He thinks that a lady should know how to do everything to be an accomplish woman and she thinks that rich people are just lame. But you know, if you give a chance to know the other person, it can change everything.

2 – Before Sunrise (1995) – The go-with-the-flow kind of love


One is American, the other is French. In the train they met, in Vienna they stopped. When the night ends, they have to go and say goodbye. All night long they walk and they talk. Laughing, fighting, being crazy, drinking coffee, with romance and few silences. Two strangers and a sunrise to come.

3 – The Holidays (2006) – The foreign kind of love


When two women with men’s problems swap their homes for a couple of days, they didn’t expect to fall in love for the first time with…themselves! And with men of course! But how can you love someone else if you can’t love yourself at first? Like Arthur said in the movie : ‘’Iris, in the movies, we have leading ladies and we have the best friend. You, I can tell, are a leading lady, but for some reason, you’re behaving like the best friend.’’ Maybe it’s time for a change!

4 – The Notebook (2004) – The I-will-love-you-forever kind of love


The song ‘’I will always love you’’ should’ve been written for Allie and Noah. When you really love someone, you do everything to stay with this person. Sadly, sometimes ‘’everything’’ is not enough. Young love can looks like nothing for parents. ‘’You’re young, you don’t know what you’re talking about.’’ Well, when you find your ‘’bird’’, you stick with it! A love that it’s worth fighting for.

5 -Titanic (1997) – The love-at-first-sigh kind of love


Jack and Rose. A classic. The first part is a love story and the second part is a love story….with action! Everybody knows that movie, but we can’t get enough of it! When I cry? At the end…when we saw her pictures and you can see that she had a really, really great life. ”Every night in my…” Ok I’ll stop singing haha

 6 – A Walk To Remember (2002) – The truly-sad kind of love


No regret, no ‘’and if I had?’’. What would you do if you have an incurable disease and a few weeks to live? Travel? Spend the rest of your time with friends and family? Spend all of your money? And if you fall accidentally in love? What would you do?

7 – I Dare You to Love Me (2003) – The playing-a-game kind of love

Love me if you dare

Games can be cruel sometimes. When you bet on love, you don’t know what to expect, especially with your best friend. Pulling the sheet in a wedding, going to class with underwear over our clothes, standing blindfolded on a rail train or be sued by the police… Is the love of the game is stronger than love itself?

8 – Serendipity  (2001)- The destiny-will-choose kind of love


Coincidence or destiny? Are we suppose to walk by this person or this is just completely random? Falling in love with someone can be difficult, especially if we are guided by luck. Just a name and a phone number written in a random book that goes from reader to reader. Will you find me someday? The kind of night that mark a life forever.

9 -Safe Heaven (2013) – The unexpected kind of love


Katie is escaping a dark secret by hiding herself in a little town named Southport in North Carolina. Now blond with short hair, she’s trying to start her life over. Having a job first, then making friends and now that she knows this guy,Alex , maybe love can come after…But in this town, everybody knows everybody and keeping a secret from them is harder than it looks.

10 – How To lose a Guy in 10 days (2003) – The I-hate-you kind of love


While one wants to know ”What does it takes to make a man unfall in love with you?”, the other one wants to know ”What do it take to make a girl fall in love with me?”. Theirs’ a price at the end of the ten days, so why not get into the challenge? Sadly, when feelings for echeothers appear and the game is no longer funny, it’s maybe time to say the ugly truth.

Hope you like it! Happy Valentine’s day! -xxx-

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