Trailer The Day of the Doctor

This saturday, November 23th, 2013, it’s the birthday of the best Doctor ever !! Yes, I’m talking about Doctor Who


Since we, the A-gang (!!), are living in Canada, the episode will be playing at 2:50PM and 7:50PM on Space! And if you have french friends, it’s on the same time but at Ztélé !!!

Second trailer :

So are you going to watch it ?! Are you a Whovian (a fan of Doctor who) !! I want to know !!

Pssttt, if you go on Google today (November 22nd, 2013), you’ll see a Doodle that is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Doctor!

googledoogle_doctorwho50_01 googledoogle_doctorwho50_03 googledoogle_doctorwho50_02

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