One EPIC crossover will start on July 2013! 3 Team,1 final, you don’t want to miss that! This final will change the face of the world of DC. The story will involved Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark and will begin with Justice League #22 written by Geoffs Johns with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

Since 2011, DC has rebooted 52 superheroes stories. Flashpoint was the one who triggered the changes. Pandora, the woman that witnessed the changes, will bring back her evil box. Like my pal Brad Pitt say in the movie Seven: ”WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!! WHAT’S IN THE BOOOOOXXX!!!??”

Some heroes will meet for the first time, and when this time comes, there will be sparks! Mainly when there are teams competing with another.

Johns told USA Today :

“It’s going to be really interesting when these characters do come together, because some of them haven’t met, some of them have, and what happens and unfolds in this is going to force them to choose sides,”.

There will be 3 main stories, including dramas between Superman, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Some people will express disagreement of their relationship between these two superheroes.

Tension between Constantine and Zatana, and as we remember in the last issue of the Justice League, Cyborg discover that someone isn’t who he really is.

3 teams, 3 sinners, Pandora, Phantom Stranger and The Question. All 3 of them have been curse with eternal punishment by a secret circle of wizards. Each one of them have important role in each Justice League team.

This Trinity War will endanger the world of DC, says Johns:

“It’s not going to end wrapped up in a bow,” Johns said. “Something really, really major happens that kicks off some pretty crazy stuff at the end of August.”

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