The first rule about Clone Club is: You do not talk about Clone Club!

Orphan Black just had it’s very first season finale this past Saturday and it was amazing. What makes me really sad about this though is that we have to wait one year for the second season and that so many people don’t even know this show exists! So I’m here to rectify that. (No spoilers will be mention in this article except talking about the general plot of the first episode and appreciation of some characters)

So what is Orphan Black all about? The show follows the story of Sarah Manning, a British orphan now living in America, who witnesses the suicide of a woman, Elizabeth “Beth” Childs, that looks exactly like her. Already in trouble with the law and in need of cash, Sarah assumes Beth’s identity in hopes of stealing anything of value Beth owns. However, this new identity only leads her to more trouble and doppelgangers.

Now that you know what happens on the show, the best question remains: why should you watch Orphan Black? And the simple answer is Tatiana Maslany. Without her, there is no show. Maslany plays seven different characters on this show and all of them have their very own personality and accents. On top of that, the actress plays all of them amazingly whether she is a British punk, a crazy psycho, a soccer mom or an adorable scientist. Don’t believe me? Look at all these gifs!

(credit for the gifs: http://booasaur.tumblr.com)

Seriously, this girl deserves all the awards. Also bonus Alison gifs because she is my favorite clone.

(credit for the gifs: http://damnthosewords.tumblr.com and http://-paroxysm.tumblr.com)

And for those of you that are curious about how the filming is done with Tatiana Maslany playing so many characters, BBC America posted a behind the scenes video on Youtube explaining the process.

Alright so enough of my gushing about Tatiana Maslany. Orphan Black also has excellent side characters and my personal favorite is Felix Dawkins played by Jordan Gavaris.


Felix is Sarah’s foster brother and he is fabulous. While I did think he was a bit weird at the beginning, the character grew on me during the season. I absolutely adore his scenes with Sarah and Alison. And let’s not forget the amazing British accent.

So really, what are you waiting for? Go watch Orphan Black now! You will not regret it, I swear! (First episode is kinda slow but the last 3 minutes makes up for it)

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